The GreenWaves GB1 Greenbank is the docking station to provide charging facilities to your GreenWaves amplifier. It has been created to harness energy from renewable sources including solar panels and wind turbines to charge and trickle feed your amplifiers.

The GB1 offers a 3.2kWH capacity which is delivered via twin 600W 3 pin 13A sockets and four 5V USB sockets. This means that in addition to charging your GreenWaves amplifier, the Greenbank can be used to power more devices that are traditionally connected to the mains, such as a mixing desk, laptop, speaker management processor, powered monitor, radio microphones, LED lighting, an outdoor cinema projector or a router.

Up to 10 (40,000W RMS) GreenWaves GW4K amplifiers can be driven from one GB1 with the Greenbank power distribution board as the amplifiers discharge and recharge simultaneously.

The Greenbank also holds a further eight hours of power. This means that when combined with the award-winning GW4K, your event can last for 16 hours on full power should the sun not shine, or the windspeed drops to zero. To provide extra power security, in the unlikely event that there is no sun or wind for 24 hours, there is a mains input provided.


Power specifications:

  • 2kWH capacity
  • Dual 600W output via four 3-pin sockets (2/channel)
  • Two solar panel/wind turbine inputs (420W Max/channel) Daisy chain two further panels to achieve max power in low sunlight conditions
  • Four USB 5V outputs
  • Backup 110/240V mains input

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