The compact sub.

A single 12” subwoofer with 500W continuous RMS power and 8 Ohm impedance that adds deep low frequency extension from a compact footprint.

Made from materials destined for landfill, incineration or scrap, this passive speaker enclosure is fitted with a single custom-made, purpose designed Celestion LF transducer with improved surround material to provide greater excursion. The 16 Ohm impedance permits multiple cabinets to be daisy chained onto the power amplifier, making installation projects more cost-effective because less equipment is required.

The grille is evenly formed, sealed and punched from powder-coated steel with an open foam backing to prevent dust and moisture ingression without polluting the sound quality and clarity. The wadding inside is made of recycled exhibition carpet destined for landfill and has been cleaned, sterilised and repurposed to absorb the resonant frequencies.

Cabinet construction material is repurposed 18mm Plywood. The screws, bolts, and fixings are all stainless steel to prevent corrosion in hostile environments. The RA112s features a powder-coated inverted M20 pole mount on the top and rubber feet. The standard coating is purpose-designed, chemically engineered water-based splatter finish paint in black, but all Pantone colours are available. UK PU paint finish on request.

The RA112s is Tazaar enabled at birth and packed in final use compostable egg tray packaging for safe transport.


Physical specifications:

Weight – 14kg

Height – 42cm

Width – 42cm

Depth – 42cm

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