TAZAAR is on a mission to transform how we use, repair, reuse and recycle electronics sustainably and we are doing this by connecting manufacturers with their consumers via digital logbooks. Powered by TAZAAR’s innovative, industry first technology, every carefully crafted professional Reclaim Audio product has an accessible logbook.

This logbook empowers Reclaim Audio customers in a variety of ways. You will know your product inside out, gaining instant access to comprehensive product information and manuals. The logbooks will also allow you to access direct customer support for warranty, repairs and maintenance.

Tazaar will also help Reclaim Audio customers to gain further trust for the products they have invested in. The logbook will provide transparent information on our sustainability credentials to align your purchases with your sustainably values. It will also help us to combat counterfeits as the embedded digital logbook hardware verifies the genuineness of your product in real-time, ensuring quality and reliability. Finally, the digital logbooks track provenance and ownership throughout use, providing great transparency for resale and making sure recycling is a last resort.

This partnership with TAZAAR demonstrates Reclaim Audio’s commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that our product range will continue to evolve. We shall continue to work closely together to ensure that our customers get the most out of their Reclaim Audio system.


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