The GW4K is the pro audio industry’s first 4,000W RMS, 2-channel solar powered amplifier. The solar powered pro audio amplifier has been created to support festival and outdoor event companies who want to improve their green credentials and reduce costs.

The pioneering rechargeable class-D amplifier brings truly silent running to events for the first time. When using its solar panels or operating via the built-in battery, the GW4K frees you from noisy and polluting generators, removing any distractions from spoken word and meditative events.

Delivering 2 x 2,000W RMS into 4-ohms, the 2U GW4K amplifier runs for 8 hours on a single charge but can be topped up during use with a pair of solar panels or wind turbine to extend the use time. The ability to go for eight hours should cover the requirements of most users, but adding in the continuous trickle feed from solar panels and wind means that the needs of every festival or venue should be able to be met.

The amplifier can also be installed in venues, giving significant energy savings, carbon reduction and the added security feature of continuous sound delivery during power failures.

On top of the environmental benefits, the other element that will support users is the saving of up to 90% on electricity costs. The cost of energy is currently high and has a direct effect on the viability of both events and venues. If users can now power their entertainment technology from a free, renewable source the financial benefits are significant and the ROI will be much shorter.


Audio specifications:

Output Power (MONO) 2,000W (4-ohm load), 1,000W (8-ohm load) per channel

Efficiency: >=90%

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: 2,000W (4-ohm bridge mode, distortion degree <1%)

Frequency response range: 20Hz-22kHz

Gain: 33dB Maximum (using volume controls)

Input sensitivity 1.1V (RMS)

Output short circuit protection: Yes

Output DC bias protection: Yes

Over-temperature protection: Yes, > 100°C, amplifier disables

Amplifier Class: D

Power specifications:

Audio Amplifier output 2 x 2,000W RMS

Battery Capacity: >10 hours runtime per channel nominal

Range time can be extended using the Solar Array System

Charging time: < 5 hours per channel (NOTE both channels need charging simultaneously)

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